Vall d'Aran, Montarto summit

Yesterday I went to the Vall d’Aran, it is a beautiful valley in the Pyrenees. The most beautiful track there, and to my taste, in all Pyrenees is to go to the summit of the Montarto. The first photo is taken at the Cap del Port lake.
When mountaineering, I use the Nikon D 5000 with the Nikon 10-24 and the 18-200 in a small bag that I carry over my stomach in a way that I can walk, stop, take the camera out, take a picture, camera in and walk again.
If the conditions get difficult I can put the bag inside my Backpack and concentrate on the climbing.
Both photos are taken with the Nikon D5000 and the Nikon 10-24. The second one is at a place called Guellacrestada, it took us a very steep 3 hour trek. The lake you see is called Estany de Monges and the summit is the Punta Alta.
After 4 hours this is the summit, my wife is taken some pictures. I used the build in flash of the camera to provide a little fill light and reduce the contrast.
From the summit you can see the estany de Mar lake, still half frozen. I used the nikon 18-200 at 200. Going down, the estany de Monges again, is so beautiful! Again, wide angle lens and build in fill flash. Some times I carry the SB 600 flash but this time I decided to save a little weight.