May 2012

Velodromo de Lleida

This morning I have gone to a indoor cycling championships in Lleida. First, I have been doing a low shutter speed photos to increase the speed appearance.
Some front portraits with the 70-200 and the 2X teleconverter that becomes a 400mm tele.
but the ones I really like are the ones I have done with the 14-24 wide-angle and fill flash.
I still don’t know which one I like best. All you see has been cropped and slightly developed in Lightroom, a little contrast here and there and a few touches to exposure slider. I may go to Photoshop to clone out the light post that appears on some photos.
This two ones are the same, one is cropped to show only one bicycle and the other you can see the other two bikes so you know it is a race.